It’s completely free to apply for as many job leads as you like. We do apply a Winners Fee when you win a job. You only pay for work that you actually win, it’s a win-win situation! 

The Winners Fee is a 5% commission fee based on the contract size advertised. For example, if a contract is advertised as $10K the Winners Fee will be $500. The Winners Fee is displayed on every job you apply for, so you’ll know the fee amount that is payable to Workyard if you win the job before you apply for the work. On jobs larger than $100K, the Winners Fee is reduced in a 2% commission rate and we can organise instalment payments for large Winner Fee amounts.

The Winners Fee is only applied if you actually win the job and start the work. We charge the fee to the card you have uploaded to your profile 21 days after you have started the work. The Winners Fee does not apply if you simply apply for the job or even submit a final bid. It’s only applied if you actually win and start the project!

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