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To find a subcontractor to submit bids through our network we’ll ask you for specific details about your project to ensure we match you with the right type of company that can complete the work. The type of information you’ll need to provide to us to be able to find a subcontractor from our network can include:

  • Estimated period of time you’ll require the subcontractor or worker to complete the work in.
  • A bid deadline for when you’d like to received bids by.
  • Any specific requirements the subcontractor or worker must have, such as, licenses, liability insurances or own tools/transport. 
  • The type of project such as, residential or commercial
  • A description of the tasks you require the subcontractor or worker to perform and you can attach any files or photos of the site to help communicate the work involved.
  • The stage of project if it's in the processes of being awarded or is currently under construction.
  • An estimated budget size for the work that needs to be performed. If you’re looking for a subcontractor this will be fixed range amount you estimate for their work. If you are looking for an hourly worker, it will be based on an hourly rate range you are willing to pay. 

After you submit this information to our system, we’ll work our magic and in a matter of minutes find you the most available and quality subcontractors near your project.

You’ll receive notifications from people who have expressed interest and are available. From there, you’ll be able to check out their profile, see photos of their past work, their qualifications, contact details and any reviews or references from other job posters who have hired them. On average, we’ll send you up to 3-4 available subcontractors.

It’s best to be as responsive as possible with subcontractors who contact you to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity of hiring them. You’ll be able to directly message available subcontractors through our system and call or email them to discuss details about the project further. When you find someone you’d like to hire it’s as easy as tapping on the hire button in chat or on their profile. This will notify us and the subcontractor that they’ve been hired and lock them in for the job.

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