Start by exploring job leads that are currently available on our network. You can do that here or inside the app under the ‘leads’ section.

Once you’ve found a job you’re interested in, these are the 2 easy steps you have to follow to contact the job poster:

Step 1
Send a message to the job poster introducing yourself and describing your past experience. This helps create a great first impression!

Step 2
Upload some photos of similar work you have completed in the past. These photos will be included on your profile and viewable by the job poster. You can also select photos that are currently on your profile. Showing images of you work helps prove you have the skills required for the job. 

When your application is sent, we send your message and photos of work on your profile to the job poster. They will look at your profile and decide to connect with you to further discuss the work advertised. You'll receive a notification when you are connected with the job poster. At this point your contact details have been shared with the job poster and you will also be able to contact them directly by chatting with them inside our system or via phone or email. You’ll be able to speak to them directly to discuss details of the project or organise a site visit.

We ask you to complete the first two steps every time you apply for a job on Workyard as it helps you build professional profile and gives you the best chance of winning the work advertised.

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